All This I Will Give To You

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«Twin Peaks in Galicia.» La Razón


In the steep terraced vineyards of the Ribeira Sacra, in the North West of Spain, Álvaro suffers a deadly car accident. When Manuel arrives to Galicia to identify the body of his husband he discovers that the police investigation has been closed in an unusually quick way. The rejection that Manuel faces from his in-laws, the Muñiz Dávila, a local noble family, force him to walk away from the region – however, he is stopped by Nogueira, a stubborn retired policeman who has some doubts about the impunity of Álvaro’s privileged family in the affair. The intuition that this might not be the first death of this nature also starts to sink in…

Lucas, a childhood friend of Álvaro’s who is now a priest, joins Manuel and Nogueira in the reconstruction of the secret life of a man whom they thought they all knew well. The unexpected friendship that is born between the three men, with no apparent affinity between them (except their link to Álvaro), helps Manuel navigate the waters separating his love for his deceased husband and the torment of having lived with his back turned against reality, hiding behind the armor of his search to live the writer’s dream. The search for the truth begins, on many different levels, in a place steeped in tradition and with deeply rooted beliefs, where logic, alone, is never enough to tie up all the loose ends…



Planeta Award 2016

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