Dolores Redondo

Dolores Redondo, published in 39 languages worldwide, is one of the biggest bestselling authors in Spanish.

She is the author of Waiting for the Flood, The North Face of the Heart, All This I Will Give to You (2016 Planeta Prize Winner), the Baztan Trilogy (formed by The Invisible Guardian, The Legacy of the Bones, Offering to the Storm) and The Angel’s Privileges.

The three films based on the Baztán Trilogy are available on Netflix.

Waiting for the Flood will be available in Spanish in November 2022 worldwide. It is a stunning work that takes readers from the most harrowing cruelty to a rekindled hope in humanity. Between 1968 and 1969, a brutal serial killer known by the press as Bible John killed three young women in Glasgow. He was never identified, and the case remains unresolved to this day. In 1983, Noah Scott Sherrington, a Scottish investigator, manages to get to Bible John… but, at the last moment, an unexpected heart failure hinders the arrest. Despite his fragile health, Noah follows a hunch that will lead him all the way to Bilbao, against his doctors’ advice and his superiors’ orders to cease the persecution. A few days later, a disastrous flood will destroy the city.

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