Offering to the Storm

«An engrossing psychological thriller.» Publishers Weekly


In Pamplona, capital of Navarra, Amaia Salazar is called in to investigate the death of a still-born baby girl and the arrest of the child’s father. According to the grandmother of the family, the father tried to run away with the body of the baby while uttering some strange sayings about an offering. The baby has some red marks on her face that indicate that she has been murdered. The grandmother also talks about a magical creature: an nightmarish evil being that immobilizes people and prevents them from waking up after their sleep. It is the Inguma, the one who takes your life away while you are asleep.

The investigation of this case will take Amaia and her team to discover some procedural irregularities in similar cases that occurred in the nearby valley of Batzán many years ago and that reveal an unusually high number of cases for such a small area.

Meanwhile, the murderer Berasategui, who is transferred to another prison by judge Marquina, is found dead in his cell due to a drug-induced coma, dome with somebody else’s help.

Offering to the Storm is a gripping and hair-rising thriller in which the plot accelerates towards a surprising ending in which Amaia must face the true origin of the events that have ravaged the Baztan valley for years. Even if an impressive snowstorm tries to bury the most devastating truth.


Original language

SPANISH | Destino / Grupo Planeta

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BASQUE | Erein
CATALAN | Columna Edicions
CHINESE (Simplified) | Zito
CZECH | Nakladatelství Panteon
ENGLISH (World) | Harper Collins UK
FINNISH | Gummerus
FRENCH | Gallimard/Mercure Noir

GERMAN | Bastei-Lübbe
HUNGARIAN | Trivium Kiadó
ITALIAN | Salani
JAPANESE | Hayakawa
MACEDONIAN | Antolog Books
NORWEGIAN | Cappelen Damm
POLISH | Czarna Owca
PORTUGUESE (Brazil) | Planeta Brazil
PORTUGUESE (Portugal) | Planeta Portugal
SWEDISH | Bucket List Books
VIETNAMESE | Women’s Publishing House

Guided tours

Follow Amaia Salazar around the places where The Invisible Guardian, The Legacy on the Bones and Offering to the Storm by Dolores Redondo take place.

To book a Baztan Trilogy-based tour or to request more information, please call +34 670336232 or e-mail

The tours are available in Spanish, English and French.

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