The Legacy of the Bones

«Myth and reality blend in this sophisticated and razor-sharp thriller… Gritty, fascinating and compelling.» Steve Berry


The second book in Dolores Redondo’s atmospheric Baztan trilogy, featuring Inspector Amaia Salazar. With masterful storytelling and a detective to rival Sarah Lund, this Spanish bestselling series has taken Europe by storm.

One year after solving a series of murders in the Baztan valley, Detective Inspector Amaia Salazar attends the trial against Johana Marquez’s stepfather, Jasón Medina, who raped, maimed and murdered his stepdaughter.

Suddenly the judge announces that the trial should be cancelled: the defendant has just committed suicide in the bathroom of the courthouse. He has left a suicide note addressed to Amaia, containing just a mysterious and disturbing word: ‘Tarttalo’.

What is the message Jason was trying to send? To unravel the truth, Amaia must return once again to the Baztan valley where her investigation takes a sinister turn.


Original language

SPANISH | Destino / Grupo Planeta

Translation rights

BASQUE | Erein
CATALAN | Columna Edicions
CHINESE (Simplified) | Zito
CZECH | Nakladatelství Panteon
ENGLISH (World) | Harper Collins UK
FINNISH | Gummerus
FRENCH | Gallimard/Mercure Noir

GERMAN | Bastei-Lübbe
HUNGARIAN | Trivium Kiadó
ITALIAN | Salani
JAPANESE | Hayakawa
MACEDONIAN | Antolog Books
NORWEGIAN | Cappelen Damm
POLISH | Czarna Owca
PORTUGUESE (Brazil) | Planeta Brazil
PORTUGUESE (Portugal) | Planeta Portugal
SWEDISH | Bucket List Books
VIETNAMESE | Women’s Publishing House

Guided tours

Follow Amaia Salazar around the places where The Invisible Guardian, The Legacy on the Bones and Offering to the Storm by Dolores Redondo take place.

To book a Baztan Trilogy-based tour or to request more information, please call +34 670336232 or e-mail

The tours are available in Spanish, English and French.

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