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The Baztan Trilogy is the first books written by Dolores Redondo, which have become an international bestseller with more than 1 million books sold in Spanish, and it has been translated into more than 30 languages.

You can buy them at all good bookshops and online retailers.

Yes, the story is based on a ritual crime that happened several years ago in a place close where the Trilogy is set, and from the point of view of the consequences memory has. Detective Salazar is a woman who will have to return to the town where she was born to direct an investigation on a serial killer of teenagers. The nature of those crimes, and coming back to that town, will revive a dark secret from the past –this secret is what the reader will find out throughout the tree novels while Amaia Salazar works as a crime detective looking for a killer with motivations way more complex than what they seem.

It’s a very interesting place to set a novel into. It’s in the Pyrenees, in the border with France, and very close to the Basque Country (where I am from). It’s one of the places with the most magical tradition in Europe, where most of the processes against witchcraft were done during the Spanish Inquisition and more people were burnt due as they were thought to be witches. The legends still have a lot of strength in this area, and the culture there is utterly interesting.

This concept of matriarch family, in which women have such an important role, is completely alive in the region. Men have usually been sailors, so women have always taken care of the local businesses, farms, harvests… creating very strong clans. Of course this also leads to conflicts –and I explore in the three novels these intriguing family relationships, very similar to my own family.

I am a huge fan of PD James, Agatha Christie and Ruth Rendell, but also of Dickens, Juan Rulfo, Ernesto Sabato and Juan Benet.

I do a lot of research mainly for the technical issues, everything that has to do with how the police work, etc., also for the historical part of the novels. However, I really believe in instinctive writing, I don’t like a novel that sounds like a technical manual. I prefer personal description, filtered by my very own point of view, by how I see the world.

Of course I have a routine. I would love to write during the night and sleep the whole morning, but I am a mother and a wife, and if I want to spend time with my family I shall live by their time schedules. I normally work the same hours my children are at school, except when I am about to finish the novel, when I only live by writing. When I am at the last 100 pages, I just write, write and write, until I reach the end. Then I celebrate with my family!

Something wonderful has happened: my readers want more investigations lead by Amaia Salazar! That’s a great thing, because I also want to write more novels with Amaia Salazar! But now that the trilogy has been concluded, I feel I needed to take some time and tell another story that has been in my head for a long time –and that I also have the need to tell. It’s also criminal, but I am telling it from another perspective. In any case, I have already started to do some research for the next Amaia Salazar’s case.

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