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Creating a Visceral Sense of Place

By Layton Green

el-guardian-invisible-usThe Basque Country boasts some of Spain’s most breathtaking scenery and mouth-watering cuisine.  It is also, at least within the pages of the runaway hit The Invisibe Guardian by Dolores Redondo, a place of dark crimes and buried secrets, a pocket of Old Europe engulfed in mythology and superstition.

A  No. 1 international bestseller, The Invisibe Guardian follows a homicide inspector who returns to her long-abandoned hometown to solve a series of eerie murders.   The novel was shortlisted for the CWA Dagger Awards and named Best Crime Novel of the Year by La Vanguardia.  It’s a fascinating read and the first novel of the Baztán trilogy to be translated into English.

Dolores hails from San Sebastian (famous for many reasons, among them as a principal setting in The Sun Also Rises) and creates a visceral sense of place for her tightly woven psychological thriller.   She was gracious enough to take the time to chat with me.

Thanks for taking the time to chat, Dolores. We’re thrilled to have you. This is my first time reading a modern crime novel set in Basque Country, and I loved the setting.  Do you call this area home?  Why did you choose to write about it?

Yes, I know the area very well. I come from a place close by, and I chose it to talk about the historical roots of the mythological and magical beliefs–which are very much still alive–and also because of the landscape, with such a strong natural force. It’s the perfect setting for a mystery and a police investigation!

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